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HDMI cables from Amazon


It’s no secret that HDMI cables represent a huge profit potential for retailers. They know that after spending hundreds or thousands on your AV equipment, you won’t balk at spending some bank buying cables that make everything actually work. But… don’t fall victim to overpriced cables, please! These Amazon cables do every bit the job as other ‘premium’ cables, at a far lower cost. I buy these every time and they never disappoint.

Link: Amazon

Seagate 1.5TB USB Drive – $81.99

Do you remember the days when a ONE GIGABYTE hard drive went for $300?  I do.  Now you can get over one thousand times the storage for less than one third the price.  Check out Staples for this great value.

Link: Staples

Western Digital WD TV LIVE

I picked up this media player from Amazon a few months ago after doing extensive research. This was the best fit for my needs, which was to play an assortment of media formats over my LAN. And boy does this guy deliver. I can stream 1080P MKV files right over my wireless network via the DLNA server that’s built into my NAS. NICE!

Amazon link

Synology DS1512+ NAS

I purchased the immediate predecessor of the 1512+ last Christmas and simply love it. Great performance. Great price. Great set of features. It’s allowed me to consolidate all of my disks (internal and external) onto one single network accessible location. It even has a DLNA server to deliver my multimedia over to my Western Digital WD TV LIVE. Don’t forget I also have hardware redundancy built in! Amazing setup. It works great with Western Digital disks, too. Take a look: Amazon link

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