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Update to Windows 8 for $15

If you recently purchased a new Windows 7 PC (on or after June 2, 2012), you should be able to update to Windows 8 when it comes out for just $15 dollars.  Nice deal, don’t you think?  Find out if you’re eligible and start the process by visiting the link below.  Good luck!

Link: Windows Upgrade Offer

$100 iTunes gift card only $80 at Walmart

You can snag a $100 iTunes gift card for just $80 right now at Walmart.  These are great because you can buy now and actually spend the money at a later time when you see deals on apps or other content you want to purchase.  Think ahead and save some money!

Here’s the link: Walmart

Master Password (iOS password manager) is FREE

A new iOS password manager hit the iTunes store and it’s free right now (usually $5.99). This program takes a different approach than other managers in that it doesn’t actually store your passwords. Rather, it uses an algorithm based on a number of factors (User Name, Master Password, Site Name) to create and track passwords. You then change your passwords to match what the program generates, and then (in theory) you should have strong passwords that are stored neither on your iOS device nor in the cloud. Check it out:

iTunes link

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