Update to Windows 8 for $15

If you recently purchased a new Windows 7 PC (on or after June 2, 2012), you should be able to update to Windows 8 when it comes out for just $15 dollars.  Nice deal, don’t you think?  Find out if you’re eligible and start the process by visiting the link below.  Good luck!

Link: Windows Upgrade Offer

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  1. Aside from your funny commenting name, I have read some of the complaints folks have had regarding Windows 8. It’s true that it’s a significant departure from their previous Operating Systems, at least in terms of the ‘Windows 8’ interface (formerly called ‘Metro’). While I’ve read lots of negative reviews, one potentially positive set of comments can be read at http://www.hanselman.com/blog/Windows8ProductivityWhoMovedMyCheeseOhThereItIs.aspx.

    This post does a good job of discussing how power users can use some of the keyboard shortcuts to access some of the same types of menus and interfaces that we’ve been used to in the past.

    Time will tell of the new UI is a flop or not. Will Windows 7 become the new XP? Maybe.

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